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For the relief, relaxation, release, renewal of your spine


This groundbreaking, innovative international product developed in Israel, brings relief and relaxation, releasing pressure from the spine, while setting in motion the natural healing process of the body. The product has registered patents in Israel, the USA, Canada and twenty countries in Europe, China, India, Japan and others.

Respine4uRespine4u is an excellent investment in health and improved quality of life –a healthy and active life. It is accessible 24/7, comfortable and easy to use as needed in your home, without constraints of time or dependence on a specific therapist.

Respine4u – For whom is it suitable?

For anyone who respects and appreciates their body, and wants to take care of it for long term



Long hours of sitting driving in traffic jams, generates accumulative pressure on the lower back, the neck and shoulders. Respine4u is crucial for alleviating the pain, relaxing and releasing this tension at the end of a workday.

Office workers

Office workers

Sitting for long hours, particularly in front of a screen, the body positioned asymmetrically, barely moving, creates tension and stress and pain in the back and head. It is important and essential to use Respine4u daily to relieve the pain, relax and release the lower back, neck and accumulation of pressure.



Health promoting activities and certainly activities of professional athletes, cause strain in the muscles, the joints and the entire body frame. Respine4u is important and essential to relieve the pain, relax and release the pressure while recovering between training sessions and after athletic activities.



Physical work which entails carrying varying loads, shopping at the supermarket, lifting and carrying children, creates stress on the muscles and the joints. It is important to use Respine4u daily at home to relieve the pain, relax and release the accumulated stress throughout the body frame.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women

The changes in the body and weight gain generate stress and pain particularly in the lower back, the pelvis and the entire body. It is important to use Respine4u daily at home to relieve the pain, relax and release the pressure while lying on the stomach during the entire pregnancy.

During Convalescence

During Convalescence

During Convalescence Convalescence after surgery or illness requires rest and prevention of accumulated stress, pressure and pain to support full recovery. Respine4u is an excellent solution, providing the best conditions for relaxed and therapeutic rest, lying on the stomach and healing naturally.



Enforced sitting under physical and emotional stress and pressure on the body, causes pain and the accumulation of stress in the back, neck, shoulders and head. Respine4u is essential for the relief, relaxation and release of strain before and after a flight, ensuring fast recovery and preparation for continued activity.



Diverse activities during both office or combat duties, cause stress, pain and discomfort that are disabling during both times of maneuvers and maintenance. It is very important to use Respine4u during the breaks from training for relief and relaxion and release from strain and pressure to prevent accumulated damage.

Children and Adolescents

Children and Adolescents

The current practice of long term sitting, the decrease in physical activity, the increase in the use of screens, causes strain in the back, the neck and head and causes changes in posture and body position such as bent backs, slumped shoulders and sloping necks all of which are detrimental to concentration, focus, learning and development. Respine4u is important to reduce pain and limit the damage.



As people age, they become less active, sitting for long hours. The physiological changes create disconcerting stress and pain. Respine4u relief and relaxation provides an immediate response of relief for every change, discomfort or pain, helping them back to functionality and a better quality of life,

Daily use of Respine4u is intended to assist in maintaining the functionality of the spine
Actually, from our twenties onwards, everyone in fact undergoes a process of wearing down of the spine. About a third of them may have degenerative changes in the structure of their vertebrae. Deterioration and erosion of the spine, along with misalignment of the vertebrae is a result of everyday pressure and stress, whether it is due to sitting for long hours, carrying a heavy backpack or bag over the shoulder, emotional stress, sleep disorders, incorrect posture, athletic activities – and so on. The misalignment of the vertebrae is a natural mechanism that is intended to protect the body, which does have the capability to move them back into place. When the body loses that ability due to accumulating stress, the changes in the vertebrae begins to affect the structure of the spine and may start to project onto the functioning of other body systems. Slight misalignment of the spine causes pressure and deterioration of the discs between the vertebrae (which can lead to disk protrusion or bulged disk), pain, radiating pain and impaired functionality of the spine. Lying on Respine4u enables the vertebrae to relax and slacken returning to their natural place, and thereby releasing the pressure that has accumulated during the day and over time. Daily use assists in alleviating the spine, preventing accumulation of damage and can even improve the spines function to normal functionality. In the long run, Respine4u assists in maintaining and supporting the spine for years. It is an excellent investment in functional retirement.

Users Testify

Frequently Asked Questions

Respine4u is recommended and suitable for everyone, children and adults who want to maintain and improve the functionality of their back, respiratory and nervous systems. For people who suffer constantly or even occasionally from back problems and who wish to relieve the pain and prevent accumulated damage, for women during pregnancy and after giving birth.
For children it is possible to order a specially adjusted size for heights between 110-150 cm.

Respine4u is a chiropractic-physiological three dimensional pallet – that is designated for the relaxation of the back.
It is made mainly from a combination of quality visco-elastic (sponge like) materials of varying degrees of hardness, arranged in a unique manner (which is a registered patent) and what is called Memory Foam, a special material developed by NASA in their labs, for the purpose of placing astronauts on it during launch, to minimize the shock and equalize pressure against the body, in a manner similar to floating in water.

Respine4u is an Israeli Patent, produced in Israel and hand made under strict scrutiny and quality control in a factory that deploys QA management. The main raw materials are produced in Israel and are purchased from local suppliers, under strict supervision of quality. Production of this product requires strict adherence to quality management so that it can be maintained for daily use of each family for thousands of uses over many years.
This product is a Registered Patent, developed by Dr. Ronen Mendy, Chiropractor, and Ronen Tuchfeld, Industrial Management Engineer, for the purpose of improving the standard of living without drugs and invasive intervention.

לאNo, Respine4u works on chiropractic principles according to which the majority of body issues can be resolved by returning to balance, symmetry and the correct space between the vertebrae of the spine. This is how we release physical stress that accumulates in the nervous system, and this is what improves the communication and functions of all body systems such as the respiratory, digestive, immune systems etc. However, unlike chiropractic care, which is focused and sometimes involves using directly applied strength, the use of Respine4u works across the board on all of these systems at once, including the back. This is done without application of external force, as a very gentle action that stems from breathing and the internal motion that is generated by it and helps the body to adjust itself back to a symmetric posture after periods during which lack of balance and stress have accumulated. One can say that Respine4u is the “toothbrush” for connecting the mind and body, to the spine and nervous system and maintains and strengthens it through daily use.

Long term daily use of Respine4u maintains the spine and prevents the accumulation of pressure. In order to get the most out of it, it is best to use Respine4u daily, all your life. The effect of Respine4u on the spine is like the impact of brushing teeth. It is an act of maintenance that is intended for prevention and upkeep. Maintaining a functional spine and nervous system, allows for an active and healthy life- long and short term, and prevents future issues, improving the functions of the various body systems.

Short term, half an hour on Respine4u for a healthy person, generates the ultimate rest for the body. Using Respine4u lets the body regulate and heal itself, releases pressure and prevents accumulation of damages as a result of stress. Its use restores healthy, balanced and symmetric posture, calms emotional stress and allows us to breathe deeply. It enables us to rest and relax in the healthiest and most efficient manner. In cases of back problems, daily use of Respine4u can help prevent worsening and enables the natural healing systems of the body to respond and work to restore itself on a daily basis.

Perseverance and daily use of Respine4u restores the space between the vertebrae and returns the body to a balanced and symmetric status. Upon reduction of the use of Respine4u, or when suspending use for a period of time,, the pressure on the vertebrae returns and we begin to accumulate damage to the discs between them, until we get to the situation we were in before we began using Respine4u, and a decline in the connection between the brain and the body and its ability to manage the body well. This process can happen within a few weeks or months – the length of time depends on your lifestyle. By perseverance and daily use, we maintain the of mind-body connection and the ability of the spine to avoid accumulating new stress thus maintaining its health to function for many more years.

In case of short periods of breaks from use, like when travelling abroad, there should not be a worsening of the condition of the spine, but some of the advantages of short-term use may be lost (such as better sleep, vitality and upright posture).

The standard pallet is suited for up to 150 kilograms and the range of height is from 150 cm to 190 cm. There is a special pallet for children from the age of 6 that fits between 110 cm to 150 cm. In case of unusual height or weight, a special solution will need to be manufactured for you.

We use Respine4u by daily relaxing on the pallet for 10 to 30 minutes in the following way:Place the pallet on the bed in your bedroom, this is the recommended room because this is where your brain recognizes that you sleep and rest. The legs and thighs are placed outside of the pallet, only the pelvis rests on the bottom of it. The stomach and chest are on the center and the head is between to the two separated cushions and the front, in the designated space. The thighs and feet can be supported with a pillow in order to reduce pressure on the knees and toes. It is recommended to place the hands on either side of the pallet with them stretched slightly forward, as is comfortable. This allows opening up of the chest and pulls the shoulders back to prevent slouching.

*Before using Respine4u, place it in the center of the bed in order to provide maximum safety during use.

Doctors who use Respine4u Testify

“Years of working as an orthopedic surgeon, as an expert on the back and head of a department, demand sitting for many hours or standing during surgery. I have suffered in the past from sore back. As of November 2014, my experience is one of relief from pressure on the back, relaxation and calm, a vast improvement in the status of my back. I no longer suffer from pain to the same degree or frequency as in the past. I recommend that anyone who suffers from their back uses Respine4u, it can help in relieving pain and preventing accumulation of pressure on the back “

Dr. Yossi Leitner – Head of Back Surgery, Meir Hospital, Kfar Saba

“For over two years I suffered from lower back pain that radiated to my legs, a weakness of the limbs and severe limitation on standing and walking. Due to an L4-L5 disk bulge, the only recommendation was surgery. I wanted to avoid back surgery and used supportive treatment and medication and there was not improvement in my condition. Using Respine4u as of November 2015 has greatly improved my functionality and my condition. I have as a result stopped taking medication and the pain has subsided. I recommend that everyone purchase the Respine4u, even for healthy people.”

Dr. Mansour Jamal – Family Doctor, Tirat Ha Carmel.

“Years of working as a family doctor, my work is carried out in the clinic and mainly involves many hours of sitting. I suffered in the past from back pains, often to the point of not being able to work. My personal experience is one of relaxation and rest, release of all pressures on the back and relieve and prevention of pain. I recommend use of Respine4u”

Dr. Gavriel Alock – Family Doctor, Head of Clinic, Karkur

“Due to my work as a pediatrician I suffered from back pain. As of February 2015 through the use of Respine4u a number of times per week, my back pain has decreased and I feel much better lying on Respine4u, I definitely recommend it.”

Dr. Avi Brecher – Pediatrician, Zichron Yaakov

During the meeting to experience Respine4u, we can examine its suitability to your needs
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